Adaptive Seating

Adaptive seating system for children with special needs

Grillo Adaptive Seating is a seating system for children and kids with special needs. Available in three sizes, this product from the ‘Grillo’  family stands out for its internationally patented height adjustment system, which is extremely versatile and easy to use. Compact and light, Grillo Adaptive Seating can be easily transported and used to participate in classroom and home activities, ensuring support and comfort at any time of the day. In fact, its smart design has been engineered to adapt to the most diverse contexts of use and allows the user to

enjoy daily activities

interact with the surrounding environment

constantly maintain the most appropriate posture

Our community

The importance of everyday bliss: the story of Tessa

Tessa is a 4 year old girl with Down syndrome. We went to meet her in the outskirts of Padua to learn from her parents how the Grillo Adaptive Seating proved to be a fundamental help in managing everyday life.

Three configurations

Versatility at its finest

Our constant drive towards innovation is driven by the daily exchange with our users; for this reason, Grillo Adaptive Seating has been designed to effectively respond to the most varied and specific postural and containment needs. In fact, three different configurations are available:

Handy and functional

To meet your unique needs

To change the height of Grillo Adaptive Seating is a simple and extremely fast operation which can also be carried out by the caregiver with the child seated, thanks to our patented height adjustment system operated by gas springs.

This product can be effortlessly adapted to different support and work surfaces without ever sacrificing the user’s comfort, even during lowering operations. As a further guarantee of maximum safety and practicality, Grillo Adaptive Seating is equipped with a foldable aluminum frame painted with non-toxic epoxy powders and four swivel wheels with brakes, ideal to move effortlessly from one room to another without removing the child from the chair.

Comfort in every detail

Premium upholstery

To offer maximum comfort at any time of the day, Grillo Adaptive Seating is equipped with an extremely breathable supporting upholstery; the texture of the fabric reduces sweating and the formation of bacteria, leaving the user’s back dry even in summer, with the body temperature unchanged. 

The texture guarantees high performance even at high load; it is also fireproof, certified in class 1 according to the D.M. 26/6/1984 and subsequent amendments.

Grillo Adaptive Seating is provided with a removable cover characterized by innovative design and technology: the internal fabric is three-dimensional and light, ensuring high air circulation and optimal weight distribution  for a fully satisfying sitting experience. The cushion is resistant and fireproof according to the EN 1021-1: 2014 and EN 1021-2: 2014 standards. Maintenance is extremely simple: it can be removed in a few seconds and cleaned in the washing machine with quick drying.





Reclinable with gas spring, height adjustable by a sliding system without the risk of losing the screw. Foldable for transport.



Ergonomic and tilting thanks to a gas spring. Adjustable in depth through a sliding system (without the risk of losing the screw) and in width through the multi-adjustable side supports.


Multi-adjustable side supports

Made to guarantee containment and safety in every context of use. Easily adjustable in rotation, width and depth.



Soft and welcoming, they are adjustable in height and inclination to guarantee practicality, comfort and ergonomics.


Leg Rest

It can be adjusted in height and inclination as well as in depth together with the seat, for a satisfying seating session at any time of the day.



Foldable and adjustable in flexion-extension to better adapt to the needs of the child.


Tailor-made wellness

Thanks to a wide range of components available, Grillo Adaptive Seating is an extremely versatile high chair for children and kids with special needs. Easy to apply and remove, handy and resistant, Grillo Adaptive Seating components have been carefully designed down to the smallest detail to meet the most diverse needs.




Trunk Side Supports

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