A new concept in standing

The APP Multisensorial Standing is a vertical stander for children with special needs designed by Ormesa to make therapy more enjoyable and engaging, thanks to an extraordinary multi-sensory experience. How? Through the propagation of vibrations, induced by an audio source via the frame and the restraint components.

The use of this aid facilitates the dynamic and interactive participation of the child during rehabilitation aimed at:

Reinforcing the standing position

Improving interaction with the environment

Stimulating cognitive ocular-manual abilities

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A look beyond the obstacle: the story of Simone

Simone is a nine-year-old boy who has been affected with infantile cerebral palsy since birth. We went to Formello, where he attends Elementary School, to discover how the APP Multisensorial Standing helped him improve his learning and socializing experiences.


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Music, rhythm, vibration: connect your device!

The APP Multisensorial Standing transforms any audio signal into a vibration, thanks to a patented electronic kit positioned under the footboard, to which any type of interactive learning device with analogue audio output can be connected.

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This page lists the links to the possible applications to download with mobile or tablet, that we hope you will find useful in using App.

This is only an indicative and certainly not exhaustive list of possible areas of use.

Technical features

barre numerate App Multisensorial Standing di Ormesa

Numbered bars

to find the right setting determined by the therapist

Ginocchiere App Multisensorial Standing


adjustment via knobs and levers, without the need for keys. The clamping system – conceived and produced by Ormesa – ensures a quick and precise lock, guaranteeing the integrity of the pipes

Dettaglio del Porta Tablet dell'App Ormesa


helps placing the tablet in the right place

poggiatesta App Multisensorial Standing di Ormesa


height, inclination and anteroposterior adjustment

Microfono compatibile con App Multisensorial Standing di Ormesa


captures sounds and trasmits them to the electronic kit (still in the testing phase)

Riduttori App Multisensorial Standing di Ormesa


to adjust the pelvic and thoracic circumference to suit more petite users

Multiple adjustments

All the versatility you need

The structure of the Multisensorial Standing App can be adapted to various postural needs. Both the chest and pelvic supports are independently adjustable, same for the knee supports and heel stops. The birch wood tray, ideal for educational activities and upper limbs support, can be easily removed to facilitate rehabilitation activities.

App Multisensorial Standing is a patented product.

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