Autonomy in everyday life

Standy Electro Wing by Ormesa is an electric sit-to-stand standing frame. This aid is designed to facilitate the maintenance of verticalization with bipodalic load and the autonomous standing training.

The use of Standy Electro Wing, with its functional and ergonomic design, helps the user to:

compensate antigravitary muscles

promote lung ventilation

prevent pathologies related to the prolonged maintenance of the sitting position


Easy transfer

With Standy Electro Wing transfers are effective and customized according to the physical characteristics of the user. The verticalization occurs electrically via a push-button panel, in manual or automatic mode.

During the transfer the user will be able to keep the position in complete safety, thanks to the towing belt and the lifting belt. Through the control panel it is possible to memorize the ascent and descent path: this feature is particularly useful in case of difficulty to keep continuously pressed the descent and ascent buttons or in any case to further facilitate the verticalization, memorizing it.


Pelvis support

Chest, head and back support

Adjustable front footrests

Easy to adjust

Reducing the burden of care

Equipped with four pivoting wheels, Standy Electro Wing can be moved by the operator without any effort in indoor environments, encouraging the participation of the user in daily routine activities.

The frame Рequipped with gas springs Рcan be easily and quickly adjusted by the caregiver ensuring the reduction of work loads. Thanks to the motor and the push-button panel, users able to manage the lifting belt independently can reach the upright posture and reside without any assistance.

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