A smart stander for your well-being

Standy by Ormesa is a standing frame for adults and teens with various level of ability and autonomy able to ensure excellent verticalization.

Safe, versatile, easy to adjust: it provides stability and comfort in every situation, thanks to a set of components designed to meet the particular needs of each user. 

The use of Standy allows you to:

prevent hip and knee contractures

reduce problems related to the prolonged maintenance of the sitting posture

improve bone density and respiratory capacity

Functional design

Designed to improve your daily life

The use of Standy, in addition to the obvious benefits concerning the functionality of the osteoarticular system and the maintenance of muscle elasticity, facilitates the use of the upper limbs thanks to the containment secured by support to the knees, pelvis and trunk.

These features help to improve hand function and play an essential role in the implementation of reaching skills, making the Standy a fundamental ally for the improvement of upper limbs function in everyday life.

Standy 3


Suitable for teens

Standy 4

laterale s4

Suitable for adults


Safety lock

to close backrest


height and width adjustable

Tools free

adjustments via knobs and handles. The knobs effectively maintain tightening through an internal mechanism that does not mark and ruin the tube

Chest support

stability without constraint


height and inclination adjustable

Transport wheels

equipped with security brakes

Tools free adjustments

Innovative and functional design

Standy is available in two sizes: adults size and teens size. The padded chest support, together with the rear thrust and the padded knee pads (adjustable in width, depth and height) allow an unparalleled stability, thanks to the additional support of adjustable heel stops and an anti-slip platform.

The use of Standy facilitates the physiological verticalization of the spine, improving head control and horizontal gaze.

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