Seating System for adults and kids with special needs

Adjustable Trolli by Ormesa is a seating system for adults and kids with special needs. Designed to guarantee an excellent level of mobility at any time of the day, even when traveling, it can be folded in one swift movement, thanks to the international patented locking system. Once closed it remains compact, taking up minimal space. Trolli is the ideal solution for all those looking for:




Destination everywhere

Adjustable Trolli is equipped with an aluminum folding frame painted with non-toxic epoxy powder: its easy folding system and low weight make traveling easier! Easy to load in the car or public transport, the Adjustable Trolli can be transported on the rear wheels like a real travel trolley.

Advanced design for boundless mobility

Adjustable Trolli has a stable and resistant structure thanks to the double cross positioned behind the backrest and under the seat. The upholstery is fire retardant, extremely breathable, resistant and easily washable. It’s available in red and black.

Technical Features

823-prolunga schienale-doppia-600x400

Backrest extension

With headrest slots 835 and 865. Foldable for transport. It closes inside the stroller, not increasing the overall dimensions.

Trolli regolabile


Reclinable on three positions. Adjustable in height by a sliding system. It is equipped with a bag on the back for manual and key storing.

seduta trolli R

Ergonomic seat

Slightly tilted to prevent the pelvis from sliding. Adjustable in depth by a sliding system and in width by padded pelvic side supports.



Equipped with manual and parking brakes. Thanks to their ease of use and reliability, they allow the caregiver to easily manage the stroller on any surface.

pedane trolli R


Elevating and swiveling, they close with minimum space. They come with calf support to ensure maximum comfort at any time of the day.

ruote leva


Front wheels: solid, swiveling, 17 cm for sizes 36 and 40. Rear wheels: solid, with 25 cm independent drum brakes for sizes 36 and 40; 30 cm for size 43. Overcoming step bar on both rear wheels. altezza-600x400

Postural headrest

Adjustable in height by screw. Safe adjustment without the risk of losing the

poggiatesta trolli R

Adjustable in tilt and depth thanks to levers.


Adjustable in longitudinal slide thanks to levers.

Crash Test

Adjustable Trolli passed CRASH TEST and is suitable to be transported in a vehicle according to ISO 7176/19 and ANSI RESNA WC/19 standards

Crash Test

Adjustable Trolli passed CRASH TEST and is suitable to be transported in a vehicle according to ISO 7176/19 and ANSI RESNA WC/19 standards


Stability and comfort for everyone

Adjustable Trolli with its set of additional components, offers possibilities of customization and comfort without limits. Easy to apply and remove, handy and durable, Adjustable Trolli’s components are designed to ensure an entirely satisfactory user experience.


Trunk side supports

Adjustable in height, width and rotation. Available in two sizes.


Padded pelvic side supports


Padded pelvic side supports


Pelvic belt with variable angle

Available in two sizes.


4 Point pelvic belt

Available in two sizes.


Vest harness with zipper


4 point shaped harness


Padded abduction block

Removable. Available in two sizes.


Front Handlebar

Adjustable in tilt. Easy to remove to fold the stroller.

960 fermatalloni

Heel rests


Footrests adjustable in tilt


Shopping basket


Padded side protection covers

951-maniglie di spinta-600x400

Height adjustable push

It increases the total height of max. 7 cm/2,7 in (94-101 cm/37-39,7 in).

borseta posteriore

User manual and wrench bag

823-prolunga schienale-600x400

Backrest extension

With headrest slots 835 and 865 and foldable for transport.

835-poggiatesta contenitivo sagomato-600x400

Shaped and enveloping

Only with backrest extension.

865-poggiatesta imbottito-600x400

Padded headrest

Only with backrest extension.


Elevating canopy

Foldable with the frame.


Rain cover

To fix on the 819 canopy.


Back and lateral protection cloth

It can be easily attached to the 819 canopy by means of zip and snap buttons, for greater protection from external agents.

969-imbottiture per braccioli-600x400

Padded covers for armrests

trolli regolabile-giusto-966 sito

Kit self propelling wheels

With drum brake, anti-tip device and quick release.


Front wheel direction locks

With headrest slots 835 and 865.

Trolli reg. ganci 891 600x400

Set of 4 tie down hooks

For transport in a motor vehicle.




Trunk side supports

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