Adaptive tricycle for people with special needs

Ormesa’s Biko is an adaptive tricycle for people with special needs. Available in 5 sizes and 4 colors, this product enhances the mobility of children and adults thanks to its great rehabilitative potential: its use allows users to experience movement in a safe, comfortable and engaging way by stimulating all areas of motor function, including manual oculus coordination, strength and balance. Furthermore, the use of Biko helps prevent secondary damage caused by chronic immobility conditions, contributing to the improvement of:

Motor coordination

Spatial perception


Our community

Free riding: a day with Alessio

Ormesa’s Biko makes rehabilitation activities fun and rewarding, with a significant impact on the psychological users’ well-being. The possibility of moving in the open air, exploring new spaces, and actively participating in social life can significantly improve self-confidence and reduce the risk of isolation. We spent a day with Alessio and his family to closely observe these dynamics and have them tell us how Biko has become an essential ally both for therapeutic activities and recreational play.

Mobility without borders

Easy to close, open, and transport

Biko by Ormesa is a practical and functional tricycle: equipped with a compact folding frame, it can be easily stored in the trunk of any car and transported anywhere (the foldable frame is available for all sizes except the Mini). But the convenience doesn’t end there: the lowered design of the frame facilitates ascending and descending operations, ensuring excellent accessibility for the user. Furthermore, thanks to the forward position of the central motion unit relative to the saddle, the user can maintain a certain degree of hip flexion, greatly facilitating pedaling.

Choose your size

Biko can be configured in various modes: during the ordering phase, you can choose between the version with free-wheel and the version with fixed pinion. Both configurations, starting from the small size, can be provided with a differential for optimal stability. Moreover, this tricycle can be equipped with a three-speed gearbox with a differential, usable even when at a standstill. It allows braking with reverse pedaling, changing gears while stationary, and has a reverse mode.

Safe and adaptable

Versatility in motion

With its ergonomic and modular design, Biko stands out for its unparalleled adaptability: thanks to a wide range of optional components designed to meet the specific postural and containment needs of each tricyclist, this product ensures optimal comfort and maneuverability, starting from the handles: the ergonomic and adjustable grips can be differentiated between right and left. To facilitate control by parents and caregivers, especially during the initial training phase, there is the push handle: easy to mount, practical, and comfortable even during prolonged use, it can be quickly and securely detached, simplifying the folding operations of the tricycle. Also available in the version with steering push, this tool allows the caregiver to precisely impose the direction of travel and accelerate or slow down the movement of the tricycle. Especially useful during the starting phase to provide initial momentum, the steering push handle can quickly adapt to the caregiver’s needs, being adjustable in height.


The handlebar is adjustable in height and front-back position to reduce the distance from the user’s torso; the saddle, also available in the split saddle version, is adjustable in height, inclination, and front-back sliding.

Handlebar adjustment

Saddle adjustment

Technical features


Lowered frame

For easy ascent and descent


Adjustable handlebar

Adjustable in height and anterior-posterior



12” (MINI and SMALL sizes), 16” (MEDIUM size), 20” (LARGE and XL sizes)



Wide and ergonomic for better comfort



Soft touch, ringing sound


Front and rear light

To move safely outdoors even at night


Front brake

It acts on the front wheel and is operated by a lever on the handlebar that can be positioned to the right or left


Ergonomic saddle

Adjustable in height and anterior-posterior


Rear storage basket

A convenient storage for everyday activities

Additional components


Ergonomic handles

Adjustable in inclination


Forearm supports

It Supports the wrist: suitable for users who have a reduced grip capacity of the handlebar. Can be ordered individually.


Wrist retainer with multi-adjustable glove

It creates a constraint on the handlebar in the case of an ineffective grip, also usable individually


Pelvic support with band

Adjustable in height


Trunk support

Adjustable in height and inclination in anterior-posterior


Cranks adjustable in length

To facilitate pedaling in safety



Adjustable in height, available for the trunk and pelvic supports


Abductive saddle

With crutch for supports. Slightly wider and longer than the standard version to encourage greater leg abduction


MTB tires

As an alternative to standard tires


Pedal cages

With strap


Pedal cages

With adjustable foot imprints and fastening straps


Ankle support

Adjustable in height, with ankle straps and pedal. Optionally only in combination with the pedal cages with adjustable footprint.


Assistant push handle

To guide the user in the training phase


Steering push handle

Even more control for the caregiver


Steering limiter

It prevents the front wheel from inadvertently being perpendicular to the direction of travel


Steering limiter with springs

It allows the steering to return to the central position in case of release

All the support you need

Biko by Ormesa can be equipped with anatomical supports for the chest and pelvis. The chest support provides stability for users who have difficulty maintaining trunk control and can be used to correct excessive leaning to one side; the pelvic support helps contain the pelvis, providing maximum safety and stability during pedaling.