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Tricycle 207 Sport by Ormesa is a special needs trike for children and adults with trunk control and awareness of their surroundings.

This tricycle for riders with disabilities facilitates safe and independent movement, with maximum ground adherence and stability. Thanks to the forward position of the bottom bracket from the saddle and the height of the steering column and handlebar, this foot-propelled tricycle:

Improves posture

Facilitates good breathing

Encourages physical activity

Our community

A morning at the park with Pietro

Tricycle 207 Sport by Ormesa is a vital ally in helping children move and have fun. We spent a morning in Foligno (Italy) with Pietro, an 11-year-old boy affected by spastic quadriparesis since birth, to find out how this tricycle became essential for him and his family in terms of inclusion and play.

Fratello e sorella giocano con Triciclo 207 Sport

Modeled on you

size 1

size 2

size 3

size 4

size 5

Quality components

Blocco meccanico

Mechanical blocking system

Safe and easy getting on and off

Freno manuale

Front brake

Complete safety and control

Il faro è un accessorio del Triciclo 207


Maximum visibility

Il campanello del triciclo 207 di Ormesa


The best way to get noticed

La sella ergonomica del Triciclo 207 di Ormesa

Ergonomic saddle

Designed to guarantee maximum comfort

Il cestino del Triciclo 207 di Ormesa


Your important things always with you

Il parafanghi


Rain, dust, mud: no problem!

Dettaglio della ruota


High-performance, light, shock-resistant

Sistema di chiusura del telaio Triciclo 207

Folding frame

Compact and easy to transport

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